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Microwavable Karaage Japanese Style Crispy Fried Chicken F008

Karaage is a common Japanese cooking technique in which chicken is deep fried. Pieces of chicken are marinated in a mix of soy sauce, garlic and or ginger, then lightly coated with a seasoned wheat flour and fried in oil. Ajinomoto Karaage uses carefully selected chicken of the highest quality, delivering a tender and juicy texture and rich in umami taste.

Microwavable Karaage - Japanese Style Crispy Fried Chicken F008
  • Chicken leg 71%, soy oil, maize starch, rice flour, soy sauce (water, soy bean, wheat, salt, alcohol), wheat flour, ginger, rice vinegar, flavour enhancer (E621), emulsifier (E451), salt, sugar, garlic powder, acidity regulator (E500), spice 0.1% (paprika powder), onion powder, raising agent (E500), stabiliser (E415).

  • Crispy marinated Japanese fried chicken in a soy sauce and ginger batter.

    Simple preparation in microwave.

  • Per 100g
    Energy (kJ) 823
    Energy (kcal) 198
    Fat (g) 14
    Of which saturates (g) 3
    Carbohydrate (g) 5,2
    Of which sugars (g) 0,8
    Fibre (g) < 0.5
    Protein (g) 13
    Salt (g) 1,5

  • Thailand

  • For best results, cook from frozen.

    *Microwave (600W): Put 4 pieces on a microwavable dish and cook about 1 minute 30 seconds. And for 5 pieces cook about 1 minute 50 seconds. Cooking times shoud be adjusted for microwaves of a different power.
    *Oven: Cook in a pre-heated oven at 220°C for about 7 minutes.
    *Deep fry: Fry at 160°C - 165°C for about 4 minutes.

  • 500g / unit
    12 units / case
    60 cases / pallet

    EAN Code / GTIN
    Product Unit: 8858639000319
    Case: 28858639000313

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